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Texmanians´ new single "Nevermore" from the upcoming album " Brooklyn Heights " in the mp3 shop for only euro 1.00

November 23 2019

May 19 2020

We have lost our wing man.
Tony Mills ( Anthony Paul Mills ) passed away recently at 57.

Tony was involved as a co-writer and backing singer on our album «No Man´s Land» and on the upcoming album «Brooklyn Heights».
He will be deeply missed.

Thank you, Tony.

Svein, Helge, Zsolt & Geir.

September 22 2019

Texmanians´ upcoming album is HERE!

The new album, called " Brooklyn Heights" contains 10 original songs, and includes the already released singles " Nevermore", "Firewater", "Passion Drive", " Road Racer" and " Heartache in Detroit".

Additional musicians on this album, as on the previous album, is the late Tony Mills, (backing vocals), and Rick Benton, (keys).

January 7 2020


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